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Middle Leadership & Maternity Coaching

I provide coaching and online workshops to help people who have multiple roles be effective, successful and fulfilled.  I specialise in working with middle leaders and women returning to their career following maternity leave.  I also provide coaching for senior leaders so that they can inspire high performance in their middle leaders.

Why work with Alison Read for your Middle Leadership and Maternity coaching?


I am passionate about the positive impact coaching has on those who grapple multiple demands.  Middle leadership is full of simultaneous challenges to process.  Picking up a career after maternity leave means navigating a complex and unfamiliar landscape.  Without effective support, middle leaders and career-mothers risk feeling confusion, exhaustion and overwhelm.

My coaching strategies can avoid this by bringing clarity, energy and determination. Coaching has a direct positive impact on the performance of highly challenged employees.  It supports the individual by bringing out their innovation, creativity and resourcefulness.  Such support to succeed in the face of change and challenge has never been more in need.

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My expertise comes from over twenty-years of leadership and training adults, before becoming a full-time leadership and maternity coach.  I am ILM qualified in Effective Coaching and Mentoring in Organisations and a Licenced Maternity Coach. As a holder of the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers, my experience makes me well placed to understand the many challenges of middle leaders and working parents.

Innovation.      Creativity.      Resourcefulness.       Success.

It is more useful having a dialogue with questions being asked rather than just relying on your own monologue to work things out. The dialogue made me realise key details about the vision I have for myself that I hadn’t been aware of.

StephenMiddle Leader

As a teacher returning from maternity leave, talking with Alison helped me understand the challenge of managing competing demands and meeting my own expectations as a conscientious employee. However, I realised there are enhancements too. In particular, my connection with my students and their parents moves to a deeper level.

GenMaths Teacher

When an employee becomes a new parent, inevitably for a while that new role becomes all consuming. It is vital that they then have access to support such as the skilled coaching Alison provides so that they can transition successfully to the new dual role. Such coaching is effective because the support is personalised to the individual’s unique circumstances.

DavidSenior Leader

I know how important it is for the modern woman to succeed in the workplace as well as at home. Working mothers are invaluable employees. They have resilience, an ability to prioritise, are unfazed by responsibility and can adapt quickly to change. However, coaching provides essential support so that the initial return is not made unnecessarily difficult and burdensome for them.


When you return to work after maternity leave, there is so much to think about and it doesn’t actually get much easier as the children get older. A better run-up to the return would have been invaluable for me. It is hard for busy organisations to provide sufficient support for the transition and so much mental fatigue occurs because of that lack of support. The opportunity to have had coaching would have been invaluable. I would have been better placed to help the organisation to help me.


Coaching for Success

I am a firm believer that we are all capable of so much more than we realise.  Perhaps success has proved evasive time and again, or perhaps there is a new goal that feels out of reach.   Together, by utilising the coaching space, the insurmountable and out of reach can appear achievable as we probe and unpick the reality, the options and plan each motivating step towards success.

But it doesn’t end there.  The coach holds the individual to account for their actions.  Knowing that those actions will not be forgotten, that they count, and are cared about by someone else is powerful.


Middle Leadership


Maternity Coaching

Women who return to their career following maternity leave must now navigate two competing roles.  This time of transition is incredibly complex, raising profound questions of identity, and powerful emotions such as guilt.  Recognising how being both a committed parent and employee is possible, does not come easily.  Skilled coaching, however, provides the time and space for supported deep thinking, enabling the career-mother to not only explore her new role and identity, but embrace it.

My workshops provide insight into the different challenges that arise before exploring practical strategies to manage these issues effectively. When combined with 1-1 coaching, women develop their self-awareness of what they need and the confidence to put practical actions into place that will move her  forward so that she can fulfil her role as a mother while also fulfilling her potential and maximising her contribution at work.


Know your values, vision and purpose.

Know your strengths, preferences and motivators.

Know what to do and when.

Challenge your limiting beliefs, reach your potential.

Together, we will make it so.