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PDC Benefits

PDC Drill Bits and Reamers are the next step to increase production in rock drilling.

PDC has been used with great success in the oil field, and has recently become a go-to technology for many drillers in the Waterwell and HDD industry.

The primary reason for wanting to run PDC bits is increased production. When run properly, a PDC bit can increase your penetration rate from anywhere between 50-250%. This translates to faster project completion, fuel savings and reduced labor costs per hole.

Another benefit of running PDC is how much little stress they place on drill rigs. They do not require the enormous amount of weight on bit that roller cones require, and as a general rule of thumb, PDC bits and reamers require less than half of the push/pull that a roller-cone would. Less torque means less stress and vibration on your drilling rods.

PDC products also have no moving parts and clean holes with a more consistent cutting size. In fact, Infinity’s PDC bits are made from a one-piece steel body for strength and durability.

Please see our resources page for details on how many blades to run on a PDC bit as well as general operating guidelines.

We are keen to offer advise, and help support your rock drilling challenges. To discuss operating procedures when using PDC bits or which products are best suited to your ground conditions, please get in touch with our customer service team.


5x faster than conventional methods

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Less stress on the drill rig

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No moving parts

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Clean hole with consistent size

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Manufactured in USA

Manufactured in USA