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Founded in 2003, Fothergill Coated Fabrics Ltd operates UK’s only PTFE Coating plant, coating Premium Grade Glass and Aramid Fabrics.


Supplying product worldwide in full and slit roll form, pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes, fabricated belts and sheets, for a variety of applications.


Customer Satisfaction Through Excellence.

 At Fothergill Coated Fabrics Ltd, we make industry leading PTFE Coated Glass and Aramid Fabrics, Tapes and Belts from our state of the art manufacturing plant located in Rochdale, UK

As a part of the Fothergill Group of Companies , we strive to provide “Customer Satisfaction Through Excellence” in everything we do, our dedicated Sales and Customer Service teams are focused to bring customers a worldclass product range with worldclass service.

For more than one and a half centuries the name Fothergill has represented the finest quality in woven textiles. The unique symbol of the Tiger’s head is recognized by customers through the world as a mark of innovation and unsurpassed performance.

With our group strengths we are Europes only vertically integrated PTFE Coated Fabric, company, and can develop products for your specific requirements



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