The Reval Transcare assisted bath is modelled on the original Parker Bath providing the same level of support and comfort for the user as the traditional Parker Bath does.

Updated and built to an exceptionally high standard the Transcare assisted Bath meets the demanding criteria of Care homes and NHS facilities in the United Kingdom.

Offering a unique means of accessing an assisted bath the Transcare Bath provides the user with various means of accessing an assisted bath safely. Whether the user is able to stand and turn, or needs to be hoisted into the bath, the Transcare assisted bath can facilitate either means of transfer so promoting independence as far as is practical to do so.

The Transcare Bath provides the following features and benefits:

Receptive internal shape of bath

Provides greatly improved bathing posture of the user. Instances of staff having to adjust the posture of a user during the bathing process are greatly reduced therefore reducing the risk of injury and improving the overall experience of the user.

Horizontal, reclined position of user in the bath

– The carer can tend to the user thoroughly without having to handle them.

– User can relax.

Electrical recline action of the bath tub.

– Handset operation of bath moves the user from an upright, seated position to a reclined, horizontal position for bathing.

Recline action smooth and quiet

– Provides a more relaxing and positive experience for the user.

Hinged side entry door

– Allows for improved access to internal bath surface.

– Bath is pre-filled prior to the user getting in.

– Provides a low height for accessing with a hoist.

Rada Sense Control Panel (Standard)

– Care home and NHS facility compliant thermostatic mixing valve for safer bathing and showering temperatures and improved protection against scalding.

– Non contact controls reducing infection control risk.

Hoist access Base design (Standard with new baths)

– Mobile hoists can be used as well as ceiling track hoist systems.

The Transcare Bath can be supplied with the following optional extras:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Colour Therapy system
  • Aromatherapy
  • Audio in bath system

Dimensions of the Transcare Bath