The Montana Accessible Bath provides the user with a conventional looking bath that includes a side door and internal seat area that lowers the user in and out of the water.

Montana Bath

The door is opened, prior to filling the bath, and can raise the seat to a comfortable height using the push buttons located conveniently at the side of the bath.

Once the user has accessed the bath the door is closed and locked so that the bath can be filled.

During this time the user can rest on the seat surface until the bath is full enough to access.  Once full the user can then lower themselves safely into the water.

On completion of bathing the user can raise themselves from the water and dry themselves as the water empties below the height of the door.  The door can then be opened to exit the bath.

If the seat surface is not required then it can be removed as shown here that reveals two convenient Guide rails.

  • Left or Right Hinged Door
  • Sensory Spa Options
  • Bio Cote anti-microbial surface technology
  • Low Level Access
  • Guaranteed lifetime leak free seal
  • Removable powered seat
  • Battery Back Up facility
  • Contoured hard or soft seat surface option.
  • Length 1500mm (210 litre Capacity) + 1675mm (220 litre Capacity) models
  • Width 700mm
  • Bath Height 555mm
  • Max User weight 160Kg (25 Stone)


Assisticare can provide leasing options for when you are looking to buy any of the assisted baths we supply.

Lease periods vary between 12 months and 84 months and a simple example of lease costs (for a 3 year period) would be approximately £35.00 – £40.00 per month per £1,000.00 of capital value of the product. Obviously this varies according to the length of lease period. Quotes for leasing are available on request.